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One thing that you will know about me is that positivity is a core value of mine. I’ve been reading a lot of news today, and it was no surprise that the world has numerous struggles and fights that need to be fought. I don’t have to work very hard to be discouraged when I browse through the articles but I have made it an intentional choice of mine to stay positive and focus on the good things in life. I am not denying the things that are wrong, but I will not be overcome by them. So, in the midst of wars raging the world I’ve had an amazing day. Four things that I loved:

1. I slept till 10.30am which is the first time in months. I had the chance to browse around my apartment wearing my pajamas till 2pm and really do nothing. Oh how I love this kinds of days!

2. I made a new friend. Even though it meant extra work for me, I loved seeing the smile on my coworker’s face when I helped her pick up her new couch. There is nothing better than doing something completely unselfish – there really wasn’t anything in it for me, but to see her helped.

3. A pineapple for $1,50! I don’t remember how much they are in America, but here in Denmark that is unbelievable. Even though I didn’t actually need it, I just couldn’t resist. A deal like that just can’t be ignored!

4. To get to laugh at my roommate who broke our chair because she sneezed. Who breaks a chair from sneezing?!

Even though the world is definitely not perfect, there are little perfections to be found if you just look for them.

What perfections did you experience today?

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