Homemade almond butter

During my two years of living in America I found the beauty of almond butter. It’s perfect for most everything, but my most favorite way of eating it is on a banana. So simple and easy when I’m tired in the afternoon and likely to grab the first sugar filled and processed food within reach. Then I turn to this with have a clear conscience and without compromising the good taste.

So, since coming back to Denmark and realizing how expensive almond butter is here, I haven’t had it at all to be honest. It’s simply not worth it. That’s when I had the idea that I should try and make it myself. After researching I’ve found that it should be really easy, so let’s give it a try. All you need is almonds and a food processor. I would opt for organic almonds, but since I was given a ton of non-organic ones, I will use those first.

So, I put 500 ml of whole almonds in a stab mixer since I don’t own a food processor – I know, shame on me! But my mixer has done the job so well (read, I’ve never needed one before, so it’s done it’s job so well by taking up space in my cupboard).

According to my research a good 20 minutes of mixing should be good. I planned to just hit the button, come back to it every once in a while to scrape the almonds off of the sides and then do whatever I wanted in-between. I soon realized that on a stab mixer you have to hold down the button the entire time – gosh! I had a long 20 minutes ahead of me.

Minutes went by and the almonds were powdered and it looked more and more exciting. Until my hand started burning. The mixer was overheating because it’s only meant to mix up things for short periods of time. I had to turn it off and let it cool. I had no intention of breaking the mixer the first time I used it. Could you imagine? Haha.

So all the cooling made the process a lot longer than expected BUT eventually the oils started being pulled out of the almonds and it became a smother mass. I have no idea how long I spent, but definitely more than those 20 minutes.

Anyhow, I am now the proud owner of a jar full of my own homemade almond butter completely free of added sugar, preservatives. It yielded two of these little cute jars.

Almond butter i glas

Now, off to the store to get bananas! Enjoy


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