DIY Wardrobe

DIY wardrobe

I’ve been thinking about this project for 7 months now. I know… waaay too long to get on with a project, but I’ve had so many different ideas along the way and had to scratch some of them because of my walls being too weak to carry too much weight. Anyways, I’ve always been very practical, but now I decided to do something less practical, more aesthetic.

1. I bought a clothing rack at Ikea for almost no money and then spray painted it copper. I love all the pipe racks, but decided that it was just too expensive, so this is my cheaper alternative. And I love it.

2. Having way too many shoes I put together little shoe shelves. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the process – pre blog era – but it’s basically a few boards nailed together and then just laid across the rack. Pretty simple.

3. I then got myself two raw shelves at a hardware store and stained them dark. After letting them dry I gave them a coat to make the color not come off on the clothes. Slightly important detail. Who wants wood stained on their white shirt…

before after4. Then to the hard part – putting them on the wall. Enter DAD. I have to admit that I ALWAYS call my dad when something goes on the wall. Unless I can to it with nail and hammer. I just know that he will do a great job, so that’s the safer choice.

5. Lastly I just had to fill the rack and shelves with all of my clothes and voila.

hylder forfra

Hylder closeup

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