New Office

I wish this title was 100% true, but as every other student money is short so I don’t actually have an office, but rather a corner of my room reserved for my workspace. Determined to make the best of it, a while ago, I started researching different finance friendly solutions and I came up with this – I am VERY happy with my result and for some reason doing homework suddenly isn’t as horrible anymore.


Here’s what I spent on it:

Legs: $18

Tabletop: $25

Chair: $136

World Map: $9

Total: 188 (so cheap!)


I am in love with this view to my desk! I love the simplicity (I guess I can’t run from the fact that I’m Scandinavian…), I’m in love with my little American flag reminding me of the two amazing years I spent there, I’m in love with the map that makes me dream about traveling to even more places and even let’s me keep track of where I go at the same time. And then (!) I’m on love with my gold flower! “What?”, you might say, and yes, I did say gold flower!

DSC_0885+tekstDon’t worry, I was as shocked as you probably are when I saw it. And I can assure you, that it’s not just a yellow flower – it is indeed gold and it even shimmers. I had to have it. End.of.story!

So, that’s my new workspace. Be inspired and have a good day.

Oh, one last thing… If you like the screensaver, here’s the link:

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One response to “New Office

  1. Sarah Jessen

    Jeg er ret vild med stolen!


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