taking it slow

ice cream from maribo in denmark  ice cream from maribo in denmark

Sometimes you have to take a break, relax, and enjoy what’s right in front of you. I did this when I for a day (or more) threw every principle on correct eating out the window and ate whatever I wanted. That resulted in, among other things, this huge ice cream! It was supposed to be only two scoops but it seems to me that that measurement is open to interpretation. I ended up with an ice cream as big as my face. I couldn’t even finish it. But even though I wasn’t “allowed” to eat it I enjoyed it fully and it did me good! Take some time off this week and break your rules and just enjoy life!

Oh, I also tasted the best chocolate bread bites I’ve ever had. Growing up, weekend evenings meant “evening coffee”. I admit that the cake and sweets accompanying the coffe were the only things I cared for back then. Times have changed and the coffee is now enjoyable too. Anyhow, spending Sunday night at my parents’ meant reviving the old tradition. My mom had provided the chocolate bites from Lagkagehuset and I prepared the coffee and tea. It was so yummy!

 royal copenhagen coffee mugs and bread from lagkagehuset


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