Bottoms up

Okay, so this week I splurged on a bag, but the only reason I can do so is that I also love making things myself – both for the joy of creating, but also because of all the money I save!! And the end product is always just as good as if I spent a million bucks on it + it won’t matter as much if I get tired of it quickly since I didn’t spend too much on it.

So recently I created this bar cart for myself. It is not only a perfect way to host a party, but it’s also highly decorative and give you so many options for styling it over and over again. The possibilities are endless. And when I grow tired of showcasing all the booze, I just turn it into a, office cart, a coffee cart, an accessory cart or whatever I feel like.


Also, I love this gin. You can literally drink it straight up that’s how good it is.


All I did to make this bar cart was spray paint a, Ikea cart with gold spray paint and stock it up with the basic liquor and accessories. More on that later.

Love, Karoline

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