Time to slay some lies

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A few years ago I went across the ocean to spend the next two years of my life at a bible school. Those years were the best of my life and I would never give them back for anything. I learned so many things and made friends and memories for life.

During my time there, I remember e-mailing with a friend back home, telling him about some of my experiences. I told him that one thing I’d learned was how many lies I’d believed my entire life. His excitement level didn’t exactly match mine. He responded with worry and concern and probably thought that I had become part of a cult and was being brain washed – I now realize that I probably should have done a better job explaining myself at the time.

What I was trying to communicate through my e-mails was, that I had become aware of how many lies we believe about ourselves and the people around us. How many girls do you know who truly believe that they are ugly when they are actually the most beautiful the world has ever seen? Or fathers who believe that they would win the “worst father of the year”-award while their children are the most loved ones?

Most of us believe things about ourselves that aren’t true, but that somehow snuck in on us and got stuck in our heads.

What we tell ourselves about ourselves and others determine how we respond to the world. So let’s get some things straight and slay some of those fat lies we believe:

1. I’m not qualified to do that

Well, guess what. As soon as you feel qualified to do what you’re doing, it’s time to move on. It’s healthy to be stretched and challenged and not feeling qualified gives you a drive to learn and become better. Being in a position that you don’t feel qualified to be in is actually the best place to be, so just go for it and have fun!

2. My worth is measured in the approval of others

No. Just, no!

Your worth does not have anything to do with anyone else. Just the fact that you exist makes you incredibly valuable. Nothing that anyone does to you or tells you will ever change that fact.

3. I’m a failure

I have somehow managed to believe it several times myself, but that doesn’t make it anymore true. The truth is, you are not a failure. You may experience failure but you are not a failure. The difference is huge and lies in the fact, that you always have the power to correct your wrongs and try again. Sometimes it’s more difficult than others, but it’s always possible. You can always get back up and try again. You may need som help, but it’s never impossible.

The list goes on and on and is different for everyone. Keep an eye out for the lies that you believe about yourself and remind yourself what the truth is.


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