Finally free!!


For some reason my exams fell unnaturally late this year, so while watching everyone else going on trips to the south or going off on music festival, I was still sweating over philosophy of science. But now I’m free!! What will I do with that freedom?

I will…

  1. Sleep ‘till I wake up
  2. Eat strawberries shamelessly
  3. Read books by my own choice
  4. Forget everything I learned about philosophy of science
  5. Listen to music loudly
  6. Go to bed too late
  7. Start watching Game of Thrones
  8. Empty wine bottles with friends
  9. Have BBQ’s
  10. Go to the beach and try to catch up on my friends’ tans
  11. Travel
  12. Complain about the heat
  13. Complain about the cold
  14. Maybe go for a run or two
  15. Discover new cafés
  16. Also, work (but I won’t think too much about that)
  17. Say goodbye to good friends
  18. Meet new friends
  19. Prepare for my bachelor’s degree
  20. Visit my parents
  21. Get fat eating ice cream
  22. Regret getting fat eating ice cream
  23. Slim down again
  24. Witness friends getting married both in Denmark and England
  25. Play my guitar
  26. Walk barefoot whenever I can
  27. Try not to plan too much
  28. Keep an open mind and see what every new day brings

What will you be doing this summer?

(Oh, and look at that beautiful plant I found at NoaNoa today! I just had to snap a photo of it)


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