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All it takes is a little courage

I used to have a teacher who always said that the pen is a tool of the devil, because it doesn’t forgive your mistakes. If that is so, I guess tattoos are his preferred instrument of choice since it is so permanent. And yet, I want one.

I find the commitment to something that permanent and irreversible a beautiful and much too rare act.

In spite of what my teacher said, it’s almost as if it’s a metaphor for God’s love. No matter what, it is always there and you cannot get away from it no matter what you do or what you believe.

Some might say that I’m stretching the deeper meaning of tattoos a bit, but I do believe that that is how God’s love works and tattoos, at least to me, serve a purpose of illustrating that.

With that being said, I’m super scared of getting one. Because after all, what if I do regret it? Or what if it doesn’t turn out the way I pictured it? So to this day all I have been doing is finding inspiration for the day I decide to muster enough courage to actually go through with it.



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Summer favourite for the lips

I have to admit it – I really love lipsticks, but I almost never, ever wear them. Only when going out or on the rare occasion that I feel especially brave with my outfit do I finish it up with a lip colour. The reason? No one else wears them. I know it’s silly, but it’s the truth.

Maybe that’s why it made me so happy, when I found the perfect lip colour for summer!

It has the perfect amount of pigmentation so that it doesn’t look overdone, but still rounds up the entire look, and takes it to the next level.

It’s from the limited edition collection at MAC in the colour “Pure vanity”.


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A time to celebrate

A while back a 3rd grader at the school I work at looked at me with big wonder. “Don’t you need a new bag?”, she asked bemused while pointing at my stained and torn but much loved bag. From that day I slowly started changing my view on my valiant bag, that had followed me through so much over the years and I decided to finally start saving for a new and improved one. So today I splurged – A LOT (!!) – and bought this beauty.


With it I’m celebrating the fact that I finished this semester at college with an A and that my new company Papiir is finally official. Let the champagne pop! You will be seeing much more of that as we develop it even more and the website launches.



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First fall purchase

It has been way too long since I posted last. I apologize for that, but this summer has been a bit of an adventure with a lot of new friends and experiences – both good and bad that I won’t bore you with. In stead I want to let you in on a little secret of mine about how to survive the terrible truth that summer is almost over and fall is catching up: buy awesome shoes and clothes that will actually make you want to bundle up and crave the chill weather just to give you an excuse to wear your things.

One of this season’s first additions to my wardrobe are these new pointy loafers from Bianco Footwear. I love every thing about them. The shine, the color, the leather strap, the shape… simply everything.

Pointy loafers         Pointy loafers

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when life hands you lemons

My sister and I live far from each other, so when I learned that I was going to a wedding in the same city as where she lives, I quickly made sure I could spend a few  days with her as well. I packed my bags and went on the train and excited as I was I hurried out as I arrived at the station – only soon to realize that I had left my suitcase on the train… A whole day of searching at every lost and found office that could have received it left me empty-handed with little hope to ever see it again (it may have ended up somewhere in Germany, but I’ll spare you the entire story since it would be too long for this medium. Let’s just say it hasn’t been my most happy day for a while).

But as they say, when life (or your own forgetfulness) hands you lemons, make lemonade. So I went shopping with my sister as she returned from work. It’s the end of the month and my bank account isn’t exactly screaming “GO SHOPPING”, so I took the opportunity to but out feelers and get an idea of what I could replace some of my items with. I ended up falling absolutely in love with these three pairs of shoes for completely different occasions:

Black peeptoe boot from bianco

Bianco Footwear: $50

White flat shoe from bianco

Bianco Footwear: $50

Black loafer from Bianco

Bianco Footwear: $100

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playing with my hair

I used to have really short hair – shorter than some guys actually – but decided to grow it out a few years ago. Yes, a few years… That’s how long it has taken me to get my hair to the length it has now, so you could imagine that it was pretty short. I’ll show you a picture of that some other day. I loved the pixie cut and how it gave an edge to most outfits, but what made me decide to grow it out in the end was the lack of different styling options. There is really only so much you can do with short hair. For that reason, I really love to play around with different stylings of my now, in my own opinion, really long, thick hair. That doesn’t mean I’m good at it though, so when my good friend, Trevor, asked me if he could curl it, I didn’t hesitate in my response. He has that magic touch with hair and it just always turns out

Being a warm and sunny day in Northern California, a few friends and I spent the day having a picnic at the most beautiful lookout I have ever seen. If you ever come to Redding, you should do yourself the favor and go to The Bluffs.

It also gave me a chance to finally wear my new skirt that I bought especially for this trip.

Shirt: Selected Femme // Skirt: Minimum, $50 // Watch: Asos $36 // Necklace: Pilgrim // Lipstick: Fanfare, MAC $16

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week 11

It’s a good week that has now passed and I thought I’d share some of what has happened.

First, I finally got around to buying these sunglasses. I’ve talked about them before and I absolutely adore them. I love the statement shape and the color that really stands out. At first I thought they’d look horrible on me, but I think I’m pulling them off pretty well.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Which brings me to my next highlight of this week. The sun has come out!! Spring has finally come and I stopped wearing scarves and gloves! Few things in life make me more happy than the sun! It even compelled me to go running after a few weeks of absolute absence of motivation. I was completely done after pushing myself but soaking in the sun made it all worth it! It was amazing!

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

I’m all ready for next week. Bring it!

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valentino FW15

Zoolander 2 At The Paris Fashion Week

I’m by no chance the only one posting this picture right now, but I love it so much for so many reasons that I just had to.

It’s Paris Fashion Week and for the big finale at the Valentino FW15 show Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, as the characters from Zoolander 2, appeared on the runway. I love the humor that this brings in to the industry. It’s so easy to become serious really fast and think about critiquing and comparing, but what fashion is really about is fun. Playing around with different styles, colors, combinations and so on. Expressing yourself and breaking the rules – like Valentino just did. Well done, well done.

Also, these two guys, Ben Stiller in particular, are just genius! Maybe I should go watch the movie when it premiers next year. In the meantime I can catch up on the first one. Never watched it :S

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waiting for


Pretty soon this amazing two piece set is arriving at my doorstep. I’m loving the matching trend right now and can’t wait to rock this set. It’s from danish Rosemunde and is sold separately. They made a t-shirt as well, but I have a weakness for button-up shirts, so the voice was easy.

I love how this can be worn for a billion occasions and be dressed up or down by accessorizing or wearing shirt over making the print less flashy. And of course you are free to pair each piece separately with other items. The options are endless.

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don’t be late for spring

It’s been year since I last wore an actual functioning watch (maybe not years, but close). I’s just habit to pull out the phone from the pocket and check the time on the screen. But I actually miss the wristwatches. There are so many pretty ones out there just waiting to be worn. These three are some of my favorites.

And as a bonus I get to set an actual watch for sunlight savings…

Also, I went shopping today. I can’t wait showing you what I got!

Asos: $40 // Daniel Wellington: $328 // Aldo: $55

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