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The calm before the storm

I need to learn how to say “no”. But I haven’t learned yet and this week is proof of that. Working from morning to night everyday on a billion different projects – all super exciting, I’ll give you that – tears on the energy levels. So a day like this having an hour at a coffee shop in between meetings is golden. Feeling the sun almost warming my skin (let’s not get carried away, it is Danish weather we’re talking about) and collecting my thoughts is something I’ll always cherish. 



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A time to celebrate

A while back a 3rd grader at the school I work at looked at me with big wonder. “Don’t you need a new bag?”, she asked bemused while pointing at my stained and torn but much loved bag. From that day I slowly started changing my view on my valiant bag, that had followed me through so much over the years and I decided to finally start saving for a new and improved one. So today I splurged – A LOT (!!) – and bought this beauty.


With it I’m celebrating the fact that I finished this semester at college with an A and that my new company Papiir is finally official. Let the champagne pop! You will be seeing much more of that as we develop it even more and the website launches.



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