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10 little things that make me happy

Sometimes happiness is found in the grandiose, in the spectacular, in the big milestones of life; but sometimes happiness is found in the smallest things in your every day life. If you don’t look for them, you might miss them, but if you do, you’ll be surprised at how many good things are happening right at this time.

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To me, the little things are the most important ones, so here are 10 of them:

  1. Text-messages from someone I haven’t talked to for a long time
  2. A piece of really good music (like this, or this, or this)
  3. The sound of clicking the mouse on my computer (I know this one is strange, but I really mean it. I love that sound.)
  4. Waking up hearing the birds sing outside, or children laugh passing by my window
  5. Dinner with the family at my parents’ house
  6. The smell of a new book (I just started “All the light we cannot see“. Am I in for a treat?)
  7. A perfectly timed joke
  8. Slow mornings, paying extra attention to the breakfast (who knew you could get blue eggs??)
  9. Being really productive and crossing a billion things off of my to-do list
  10. Making funny faces to a child on the train – rewarded with a smile or a laugh (otherwise I just feel stupid…)

I could keep going, but in stead, I will let you continue the list and help inspire each other.


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