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Have you decided on your winter strategy yet?

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Winter strategy? What on earth is she talking about, you may think. But I have a point, I promise.

The other day I was walking, and as I looked down, I saw what I’ve pictured above. And then it hit me. WINTER IS COMING!

As if this recurring event somehow snuck up on me without a warning and took me completely by surprise. Of course I know, that winter is coming – it’s only natural. But I’ve been so busy lately, that I’ve almost forgotten to notice, that summer is indeed over and soon, we’re facing scarves and winter coats. And that’s when I realised, that I hadn’t yet planned my strategy for the winter.

Over the past couple of years I’ve noticed, that I get highly affected by the weather and the lack of sunlight during winter. If I just let things take its course I can very easily end up very depressed until the sun comes out again – not a very desirable place to be.

If I on the other hand am conscious about the effects, I can create a strategy to not end up in winter depression mode. So to me, having a strategy is crucial. Here’s what I’ll try to do this year.


  1. Refuse to let the weather define my mood. I will declare that to myself every time I feel the effect of the rain in a negative way. (I know it sounds powerless, but I have experienced how powerful it is to even just tell myself, that I will not let it affect me.)
  2. Make sure to spend time outside every day and get as much of the natural sunlight as I can.
  3. Stay active and go on runs or to the gym (this will be  hard one for sure!)
  4. Eat my vitamin C and D (C for the immune system and D for the lack of sunlight)
  5. Try my best to look for the small joys and see the beauty even in a gloomy day.
  6. Prioritise time with the people I love
  7. Prioritise time with God!

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But the greatest of these is love


This weekend, I had the honour of witnessing two of my best friends getting married. It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to both because of the setting in a vineyard, the beautifully decorated venue, the awesome sparkly dress I got to wear as a bridesmaid, and the beauty of the bride, but also because of what the entire wedding did inside of me.

I have previously written about knowing what you want in life and how your core values help you find your way. Being at this wedding I was reminded of the importance of having goals and knowing where you’re going.


While bouncing off not-so-descrete flirty text messages (literaly on that same day) I witnessed a love, that went beyond physical attraction and lust. It was, and is, a love that sees into the depths of the hearts, and loves every part of the other person – both the good and the bad. It’s a love that says “I choose you” not “I want you”. Those two things are very different. Let me explain:

I want you

To be completely honest, I am easily fascinated by guys. It’s not hard for me to get a guy stuck in my head and wonder if he likes me or not. It’s easy for me to be fascinated by a guy because he makes me laugh, makes me comfortable, or inspires me in some way – or just because he’s cute. It’s easy to form relationships with people that work when you stay on the surface level in intimacy and connection (I’m not talking about the physical intimacy, but that of the heart). You can feel a strong attraction, and maybe even love for someone without really knowing them. You can want them; want to hang out with them; want to be in a relationship with them; even want to spend the rest of your life with them.

But want is not enough. Because what happens when what you wanted isn’t there anymore? What happens when your partner falls into depression and isn’t the person you fell in love with? What happens when you’re at the edge of your finances, and you struggle with paying your bills? What happens when you experience deep crisis? What happens when you get bored?

If want is the foundation of your relationship, there won’t be a lot to hang on to, when the object of your wanting or lust slips away or changes.

I choose you

Choosing someone is far more valuable than wanting someone. When you know the depths of a person, and both in spite of and because of that choose someone. That’s when you know there is something strong in the making. When the relationship is built on a foundation that says: “I choose you no matter what happens and even if my wanting lessens for a time” you don’t depend on fleeting feelings and emotions that come and go.

Watching my two friends getting married stirred in my heart what I already knew – that that is what I want. The contrast of the looks in their eyes and the blue light from the screen on my phone made it all too clear what holds true value.

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What do you (really) want? Thoughts on core values


The other day I found myself at an event for Business School students (how I ended up there is a longer story, since I’m not one myself) listening to peers sharing what was on their minds and what they’d learned through their studies and work experiences. In a TEDtalk like setup they went over the art of seduction, share economy, procrastination and so on. The topics were many and with great attention I was listening to their ideas as a thought struck me.

“What do I really want?”

It’s not the first time I’ve ever thought about this – to be honest, I’ve given this topic a LOT of thought – but as the students were sharing about how everything you do is basically manipulation, or seduction if you will, and how to avoid procrastination when really you should be studying for your exams, I couldn’t help digging a little deeper in my heart.

This is the point where most blog posts would start talking about how life is not about a fancy career or a well-paying job. They’re right, but that’s not the point I want to make here. What struck me was that there are so many opportunities that could take you where you want to go. The roads to Rome are many and I could get to where I want in an endless number of ways. But how do I want to get there? Which road to I want to take?

Do I want to manipulate my way to the top and then call it seduction – or even marketing, or do I want to pave the way with integrity and honesty? How do I know which road to take? The answer:

My core values

My core values determine how I see the world and how I respond to it. Knowing who I am and what I stand for is what will get me safe to my destination. Knowing what I value I will know what choices to make and what alleys to avoid. It will not keep me from making mistakes and failing, but it will help me correct my mistakes and get back on the right path. That way, my core values work as my compass in everything I do. If I suddenly discover that what I’m doing is conflicting with my core values, I better reevaluate why I’m doing it.

So, what are my core values? I believe that there are many, and they probably change over time, as I get wiser, and discover them. I recently found this list of core values that I wrote a few years ago:

I will always treat others with honour and respect

I will live my life with integrity

I will not compromise my beliefs

I will never stop learning

I will always stay positive

I will not let fear rule me

I value me

God loves me

I realised how I have been neglecting some of them, which is why it’s so important to return to them and remind yourself what you actually believe and start cultivating the ones that have fallen in the background.

So, what do I really want? I want to get to Rome the right way, not compromising my core values and who I am. That does by no means mean that I don’t fall short and mess up, but I will always strive to stay true to myself.

What are your core values?

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New Office

I wish this title was 100% true, but as every other student money is short so I don’t actually have an office, but rather a corner of my room reserved for my workspace. Determined to make the best of it, a while ago, I started researching different finance friendly solutions and I came up with this – I am VERY happy with my result and for some reason doing homework suddenly isn’t as horrible anymore.


Here’s what I spent on it:

Legs: $18

Tabletop: $25

Chair: $136

World Map: $9

Total: 188 (so cheap!)


I am in love with this view to my desk! I love the simplicity (I guess I can’t run from the fact that I’m Scandinavian…), I’m in love with my little American flag reminding me of the two amazing years I spent there, I’m in love with the map that makes me dream about traveling to even more places and even let’s me keep track of where I go at the same time. And then (!) I’m on love with my gold flower! “What?”, you might say, and yes, I did say gold flower!

DSC_0885+tekstDon’t worry, I was as shocked as you probably are when I saw it. And I can assure you, that it’s not just a yellow flower – it is indeed gold and it even shimmers. I had to have it. End.of.story!

So, that’s my new workspace. Be inspired and have a good day.

Oh, one last thing… If you like the screensaver, here’s the link: http://fliqlo.en.softonic.com

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DIY Wardrobe

DIY wardrobe

I’ve been thinking about this project for 7 months now. I know… waaay too long to get on with a project, but I’ve had so many different ideas along the way and had to scratch some of them because of my walls being too weak to carry too much weight. Anyways, I’ve always been very practical, but now I decided to do something less practical, more aesthetic.

1. I bought a clothing rack at Ikea for almost no money and then spray painted it copper. I love all the pipe racks, but decided that it was just too expensive, so this is my cheaper alternative. And I love it.

2. Having way too many shoes I put together little shoe shelves. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the process – pre blog era – but it’s basically a few boards nailed together and then just laid across the rack. Pretty simple.

3. I then got myself two raw shelves at a hardware store and stained them dark. After letting them dry I gave them a coat to make the color not come off on the clothes. Slightly important detail. Who wants wood stained on their white shirt…

before after4. Then to the hard part – putting them on the wall. Enter DAD. I have to admit that I ALWAYS call my dad when something goes on the wall. Unless I can to it with nail and hammer. I just know that he will do a great job, so that’s the safer choice.

5. Lastly I just had to fill the rack and shelves with all of my clothes and voila.

hylder forfra

Hylder closeup

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You might have read my post about my 1st DIY project (if not, you can read it here). It turns out the wall I wanted the shelves on is not strong enough to carry the weight. Boo!! But since I love decorating I just had to find something else to get myself into. I figured that my new studies at college is the perfect excuse to create a work space area and 1, 2, 3 I’m all over my favorite websites to get inspired. Here are some of the things I found. I LOVE the rustic look mixed with the minimalistic black and gold metal. A perfect combination in my opinion. (I apologize if some of the items aren’t available in your country, but let yourself be inspired.)

1. Design Letter Pencils – Rosendahl, $15 for 5 pencils (http://www.bahne.dk/design-letters-pencils-5-stk.html)

2. Hexagon Pot Large – Ferm Living, $54 (http://www.bahne.dk/bolig/kontor/opbevaring/ferm-living-hexagon-pot-stor.html)

3. Job lamp – Ilva, $125 (http://shop.ilva.dk/produkt/66100718/job?maingroupurl=lamper&webgroupid=)

4. Scissors, House Doctor

5. Arne Jacobsen table clock Roman – Rosendahl, $125 (http://www.bahne.dk/rosendahl-nyheder-arne-jacobsen-bord-ur-med-alarm-flere-modeller-roman-roman.html)

6. Tacker chair – Hause Doctor, $260 (http://www.livingshop.dk/house-doctor-tacker-stol/)

7. Modern table – House Doctor, $772 (http://www.livingshop.dk/house-doctor-modern-konsolbord/)

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