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when life hands you lemons

My sister and I live far from each other, so when I learned that I was going to a wedding in the same city as where she lives, I quickly made sure I could spend a few  days with her as well. I packed my bags and went on the train and excited as I was I hurried out as I arrived at the station – only soon to realize that I had left my suitcase on the train… A whole day of searching at every lost and found office that could have received it left me empty-handed with little hope to ever see it again (it may have ended up somewhere in Germany, but I’ll spare you the entire story since it would be too long for this medium. Let’s just say it hasn’t been my most happy day for a while).

But as they say, when life (or your own forgetfulness) hands you lemons, make lemonade. So I went shopping with my sister as she returned from work. It’s the end of the month and my bank account isn’t exactly screaming “GO SHOPPING”, so I took the opportunity to but out feelers and get an idea of what I could replace some of my items with. I ended up falling absolutely in love with these three pairs of shoes for completely different occasions:

Black peeptoe boot from bianco

Bianco Footwear: $50

White flat shoe from bianco

Bianco Footwear: $50

Black loafer from Bianco

Bianco Footwear: $100


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