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Summer favourite for the lips

I have to admit it – I really love lipsticks, but I almost never, ever wear them. Only when going out or on the rare occasion that I feel especially brave with my outfit do I finish it up with a lip colour. The reason? No one else wears them. I know it’s silly, but it’s the truth.

Maybe that’s why it made me so happy, when I found the perfect lip colour for summer!

It has the perfect amount of pigmentation so that it doesn’t look overdone, but still rounds up the entire look, and takes it to the next level.

It’s from the limited edition collection at MAC in the colour “Pure vanity”.



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New Office

I wish this title was 100% true, but as every other student money is short so I don’t actually have an office, but rather a corner of my room reserved for my workspace. Determined to make the best of it, a while ago, I started researching different finance friendly solutions and I came up with this – I am VERY happy with my result and for some reason doing homework suddenly isn’t as horrible anymore.


Here’s what I spent on it:

Legs: $18

Tabletop: $25

Chair: $136

World Map: $9

Total: 188 (so cheap!)


I am in love with this view to my desk! I love the simplicity (I guess I can’t run from the fact that I’m Scandinavian…), I’m in love with my little American flag reminding me of the two amazing years I spent there, I’m in love with the map that makes me dream about traveling to even more places and even let’s me keep track of where I go at the same time. And then (!) I’m on love with my gold flower! “What?”, you might say, and yes, I did say gold flower!

DSC_0885+tekstDon’t worry, I was as shocked as you probably are when I saw it. And I can assure you, that it’s not just a yellow flower – it is indeed gold and it even shimmers. I had to have it. End.of.story!

So, that’s my new workspace. Be inspired and have a good day.

Oh, one last thing… If you like the screensaver, here’s the link: http://fliqlo.en.softonic.com

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